An eclectic collection of legendary icons celebrating art, history and culture. Immortalized on 'fashion' canvases and brought to life by means of acrylic paint. Still in the process of adding to this collection, the bottom of this page features a montage of original sketched renderings for the final products displayed as well as potential future subjects.

The inspiration for this project was a natural progression. Having a thirty year background producing digital art for the fashion industry, the familiarity with designing on non-traditional surfaces such as apparel was well honed. Expressing the desire to end a decades long hiatus from painting was given a gentle boost when my beautiful wife gifted me a paint set, easel, and a gift card for the local art store. At the time, hand-painted garments started catching my eye, and the idea to create works of art on these particular 'canvases' became the challenge. Variety in fabrics such as leather and denim also proved to be a valued learning experience.Where it is common to see text on this genre of apparel, the choice to focus on the subjects, their expressions and vibes was deliberate. Let the art speak for themselves. 


Stay tuned.....


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