Tribute Buffalo Soldier /Premium Framed Print

Tribute Buffalo Soldier /Premium Framed Print

Tribute Buffalo Soldier    2006

I was fortunate to grow up in a household with an extensive library of  black American history. I recall knowing of Crispus Attucks, Benjamin Banneker, Nat Turner and other historical icons at an early age. Conversely, aside from Frederick Douglass and John Carver, I don’t recall hearing any of the before mentioned during history or social studies class in school. Fast forward to the GMF line, there was always a conscious effort to occasionally inject historical imagery. The Buffalo Soldiers and Tuskegee Airmen were both integral in this country’s wars for freedom , but it many ways and for obvious reasons were overlooked. Well past the time to correct that mistake.

Place great art for your interior decor with this durable wood-framed poster. Frame comes in black or white and is available in versatile sizes.

.: Museum-quality custom frames
.: Matte premium paper
.: Plexiglass front
.: For indoor use
.: Multiple sizes



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